Tooth Infection Kills Sacramento Man
February 02, 2017
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Tooth Infection Kills Sacramento Man

It was absolutely tragic to hear of the Sacramento young man’s death resulting from a severe tooth infection.  We are kind of in “shock” to hear such an event could occur. While we think we know so much about dental infections and poor tooth conditions, we actually know so little.

The human body and how it reacts to exterior invaders really is a mystery and this tragic death points this out. Dental infection bacteria can become very toxic in a matter of hours or days.  So while you think you can deal with a toothache, you just never know when it could turn “south” fast.

The doctor and dental professionals at Summerhills Dental Care in Citrus Heights/Sacramento encourage all their patients to deal with these sorts of issues sooner than later. They take your concerns very seriously and do all they can to appoint you the day you call.  This is an important point, your dentist must be able to see you for this sort of problem the day you call in.  If not, then we suggest you call elsewhere. Your health is more important than the dentist’s busy schedule.

Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Clusserath and staff at Summerhills Dental Care at 916-723-3368 or over the web at