Cosmetic and Restorative Techniques to Improve Oral Health and Smile

Dr. Clusserath has been performing intricate, cosmetic proceedures for over 10 years with excellent results. Helping patients feel more comfortable with their smile is one of the most exciting and rewarding things we do at Summerhills Dental Care. Over the years, Dr. Clusserath and his staff have seen that even a small change in a smile can make a huge change in a patient’s life.

Correcting imperfections, damage from accidents, stains, discolorations, wear and tear, upgrading of old restorative work and replacement of missing teeth requires advanced techniques. These techniques are collectively known as cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Clusserath and his associates have taken extensive training in cosmetic proceedures and, over time, learned techniques for getting consistently exceptional results.

To provide you with beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile, Dr. Clusserath and associates routinely performs these cosmetic on both front and back teeth:

At Summerhills Dental Care, we just want to see you smile! So, if you’d like to explore cosmetic options, call us at (916) 723-3368. We will arrange a no obligation, no pressure, personalized consultation in our conveniently located Citrus Heights office.