Some individuals face such enormous dental challenges that the best option available for that particular person is either a partial denture or full denture. Today, individuals with full or partial dentures can enjoy beautiful, natural looking smiles.

Dr. Clusserath and his staff have been fabricating full and partial dentures for over 20 years. We fabricate dentures that are designed for functionality, comfort aesthetics.

If you currently have a partial or full denture and are not happy with the fit, function or appearance, we invite you to visit our office. We are happy to repair your full or partial denture or explore options to improve the fit.

Finally, a quality denture requires time, accuracy, and skill that is difficult to achieve in a fast paced, dental or denture clinic. A bargain basement price is, often, at the cost of a poor fit, poor function or poor aesthetics. A denture made by an experienced, knowledgeable dentist is designed to obtain the optimum comfort, fit, function and look really good. Please give our friendly Citrus Heights dental office receptionist a call at (916) 723-3368 if you would like to look into the option of a full or partial denture or if you need repairs or adjustments to your current partial or full denture.