If you have old unsightly metal fillings, it may be effecting your health adversely and we can help make them safer and disappear with modern, great looking white fillings that match your teeth color perfectly.

We can also check your teeth to see if you have any cavities or tooth defects that we can help you with. Even with today’s dental preventative techniques and remedies, dental tooth cavities still persist and develop. A dental cavity is a very broad term. All of the following are considered cavities:

  1. Any crevice or hole or missing tooth part
  2. Any decay within any part of a tooth
  3. Any decay around old filling
  4. Any old filling that is defective or unserviceable
  5. Any worn down portion of a tooth

How do you know you might have a cavity of some sort? There are many signs. Food getting stuck in between or on top of teeth can signal a cavity. Sensitive, painful tooth to sugar, for example may be sign. A loose, old filling may signal a cavity. A discolored or opaque spot may be present. Bad breath even though you may brush and floss well daily may signal some sort of decay or cavity. A more advanced cavity may cause swelling of gums or recurring toothache.

The question becomes, do all cavities require treatment, and if not treated will they becomes serious as to require much more extensive and expensive care. Unfortunately all cavities must be remedied. Eventually all cavities will lead to more severe problems.

White composite material or filling is the material of choice these days when treating cavities. This material is basically a matrix of dental adhesive materials placed within the cavity that harden with light application. These materials act like, feel like and work like dental tooth structure (enamel and dentin).

Dental composites are biologically compatible materials that when placed and applied properly with good technique are quite sturdy and generally last 10-15 years.

Dr. Clusserath and staff have been successfully placing composite dental fillings for over 25 years in Citrus Heights. The key is to have cavities placed early when they are small and easily repaired. Please contact the very knowledgeable staff at SummerHills Dental Care, by phone at (916) 723-3368 or contact us for your appointment and consultation.

Thank you.