Cleaning your teeth every 6 months is vital for your oral care and health. Plaque and tartar can build up and cause gum disease, bad breath and potentially worse (and more expensive problems). We will help educate you on how to keep your teeth as clean as possible between visits by proper brushing and flossing, but no matter what you do, this buildup is inevitable and must be removed by a professional dentist with sterilized sanitary well-kept tools.

Do you want beautiful clean white teeth? Of course you do! And you want the process to be safe, comfortable and affordable by professionals that care about the quality of your visit and your dental health. Your teeth cleaning experience can vary greatly with the level of experience and the attention of detail by your dental hygienist. We carefully select experienced, talented team members that show compassion for our clients.

Our hygienists have been specially trained to care for the specific techniques for children, families and seniors. Our goal is to have you leave saying “that was the best teeth cleaning ever in my whole life! I love the smooth feeling of running my tongue over my clean shiny teeth – and the whole process was comfortable and positive. I’m so happy I visited this Citrus Heights dentist.”

Teeth cleaning is a great decision to help you achieve a dazzling smile. We have to emphasize how important it is to consult with your dentist and we advise you to have teeth cleaning done at your dentist. Please call us today at (916) 723-3368 or visit us at our Citrus Heights Dentist Office for information and to book a consultation.

You’ll be happy you got your teeth professionally cleaned and you’ll smile even more!