Today, a study was published by the American Cancer association linking dental X-rays with an increased risk of meningioma, a benign Brain Tumor cancer. This study was based on a cross-sectional study of over 1300 randomized patients. This data was collected through surveys, and not based on actual dental records. Without evidence beyond self-reported results, causality cannot be proven.

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Dental X rays are only one source of radiation. Cell phones, radio towers, microwaves, ng many: cell phones, headphones, and the sun, among others. Atmospheric radiation is around 3.0 MsV. In contrast, a routine set of dental X rays is around 0.038 MsV. It is very unlikely that yearly dental xrays would have increased the risk of these tumors, the ADA(American Dental Association) claims.

X rays are necessary to provide quality dental care. Dental X rays allow us to see the extent of decay, location of roots, bone levels, or tooth infection. X rays serve to document the state of health in the mouth.

At Summer Hills Dental office in Citrus Heights CA , we take several measures to minimize radiation exposure. First, we only use digital X-rays, which require far less radiation than traditional X-rays. Secondly, we use thyroid shields, which protect vulnerable areas around the lymph nodes. Finally, we only take X-rays when necessary. And we follow most or all of ADA guidelines on xray frequency.

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