Summerhills Dental Care has a history of caring for our elderly neighbors. Dr. Clusserath and his associates have taken a special interest in seniors because they believe in the importance of maintaining teeth and chewing function well into senior life. The entire staff understands that each senior is a unique individual who deserves thoughtful, personalized care.

Dentistry has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. So, we spend a lot of time listening to our senior patients. We take the time to understand their needs and their concerns so that we are able to provide the most appropriate care to each individual.

Seniors are special individuals who deserve very special considerations:

  •  We make sure we are staying up to date on your changing medical and dental needs at every appointment.
  •  We attempt to treat seniors in the morning when the office tends to be at a slower pace rather than in the afternoon when the office can be quite busy and hectic. As a bonus, we find that patients who have various heath challenges such as arthritis seem to feel more comfortable in the dental office during the morning hours.
  •  We welcome and appreciate input and assistance from caregivers and relatives.
  •  We understand medical emergencies can occur in the dental office. We are prepared!

Studies show there is a high correlation between oral health and general health. Oral health starts with a full set of teeth whether it’s your natural teeth or well functioning dentures or partials. Next, we believe it is essential that older adults practice and maintain good oral hygiene at home. Finally, we recommend thorough check-ups on a regular basis so we can make sure you have adequate teeth and gums for good chewing.

We invite seniors in the Citrus Heights and Sacramento, CA area to join our family of very satisfied patients.

Please call (916) 723-3368 for an appointment!