It is very important that patients understand that root canal treatments do NOT last forever. Why? There are many reasons.

Root canal treatment involves a lot of skill and science on the part of the dentist. Firstly, anatomical variations of a tooth root structure, curved canals, blocked canals; irregular shaped canals all can pose complications in treatment of the roots of the tooth.

The technical operations of doing the root canal can vary. Was the tooth and roots disinfected enough? Was an adequate seal at the end of the root achieved? Was the fill material placed properly and enough?

Other complications are factors regarding the tooth itself. For example, was the tooth too broken down to restore after root canal treatment completion? Was the permanent filling over the root canaled tooth placed properly? Was there tooth much time elapsed between root canal completion and final restoration? For example, if a crown was delayed by 3 or more months, this can allow bacteria to creep back in and reinfect root canal area.

The question then becomes can retreatment of root canals be done successfully and with good prognosis. Is it worth having another root canal? This depends on many factors, the type of infection, the absence of a fracture (which renders the tooth untreatable), the skill of the dentist or endodontist doing retreatment, the restorability of the tooth, the risks of leaving the tooth in place with existing bone loss or further bone loss possibilities.

Dentists today are not doing as many retreatment of root canals because we now can offer highly successful dental implants to patients. A patient must consider alternatives like and implant when weighing his or her decision to retreat a root canal. The benefit of doing retreatment should be a healthy, full functioning, symptomless tooth that will last for many years to come.

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