Who can you turn to when you need emergency dental care? SummerHills Dental Care in the Sacramento, Citrus Heights area!

Whether it’s a chipped tooth or a lost filling, some of the most pressing dental problems seem to happen when you least expect them. No matter what kind of dental emergency you may have, you can be rest assured that we’ll take care of you as quickly as possible.

Our emergency dentist will answer all of your questions about your dental situation and talk to you about short-term relief and long-term treatment options.

Contact US Immediately With Your Concern!

Your local emergency dental team at SummerHills Dental Care is here to assist you

when you have a toothache or other dental issue. When you want relief – fast, our team is here and ready!

An Extraction may be the only option you have. Oral surgery encompasses this practice of surgery in and around the jaw within the oral cavity including extractions. Our dentists perform simple dental surgeries such as extractions of baby teeth and adult teeth. Dr. Clusserath and his staff are experienced in complicated extractions such as compacted wisdom teethextractions, periodontal surgery, gum surgery and jaw surgery.

In some cases, Dr. Clusserath or his associates may refer you to an oral surgeon who specializes in oral surgery if the extraction is particularly complicated.

Often, however, Dr. Clusserath or an associate will extract the tooth. In fact, Dr. Clusserath has performed well over 10,000 extractions in his career as a dentist!

Summerhills Dental Care is able to offer simple sedation techniques such as nitrous oxide sedation and pre-appointment drug therapy to help you remain relaxed and comfortable during your appointment.

*** Now open Fridays ***

As a patient at Summerhills Dental Care, we will fit you into our schedule that day and give you the options!

Thanks and please feel free to call any time with questions or to book an appointment at (916) 723-3368

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After hours dental questions: 425-444-0500.

For dental emergencies requiring immediate attention, call 911 or visit your nearest emergency care facility.

Email: DrGary@DentistInCitrusHeightsCA.com