Our number one goal is to help you and your family steer clear of extensive dental care such as crowns and root canals. As a matter of fact, studies show that individuals who visit their dental office for preventative care on a regular basis are more likely to avoid extensive dental care than those individuals who do not follow a similar regimen.

Our experienced hygienists are constantly updating their professional skills and knowledge. They are eager to share their expertise with you so that you are able to enjoy a healthy, pain free smile for many years to come. Our hygienists will give you specific suggestions which you can follow at home in order to maximize your dental health. For instance, they’ll help you decide which toothpaste is best for you, whether you should purchase an electric toothbrush or if you should use a mouth rinse after brushing. And, they’ll make sure your visit is comfortable and pain free.

At SummerHills Dental Care, our hygienists will listen to your dental concerns, assess your specific needs and help you come up with a plan you can follow to prevent dental disease. If you’d like to have the newest tricks and tips available to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime, call for an appointment at (916) 723-3368!